Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child attend school everyday?

Yes. Students will be grouped into small cohorts to maintain physical distancing.

What if my child's teacher is required to stay home?

If the classroom teacher is legally required to stay away from school due to AHS isolation protocols, one of our regular substitute teachers will supervise the students in the classroom, and the students’ teacher may lead lessons remotely.

What is the approach for children who exhibit COVID-like symptoms that are attributable to pre-existing, managed, non-contagious conditions? E.g. asthma, allergies

A student who develops symptoms that could be caused by either COVID-19 or by a known pre-existing condition (e.g., allergies) should be tested for COVID-19 to confirm that it is not the source of their symptoms before entering or returning to school. For a child who has allergies or other pre-existing medical conditions, these (non COVID-19) symptoms would become their baseline health status. The student can attend school as long as the symptoms stay the same. Please contact us about your child’s pre-existing medical conditions so we may keep a confidential record of these conditions.

Should your child exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 that are not attributable to a pre-existing condition, they must be kept home. We appreciate every member of the school community abiding by these measures as we know it takes a collective effort to keep our students, staff and families healthy and safe.

What is the official mandatory screening process?

An online screening form has been created for parents to fill out each morning. As per government guidelines, “If an individual answers YES to any of the questions, they should stay home and will not be allowed to attend or participate in the activity or program”. It is the parents/ responsibility to complete this form each morning before your children arrive at school. Children who develop or exhibit symptoms throughout the day will be isolated and parents will be asked to pick up their child immediately. We will refuse entrance to anyone who has not completed the form.

Where will students eat lunch?

Students will eat lunch in their classrooms, hot lunch will be delivered to the classroom and students are required to bring their own eating utensils. Students must bring their packaging (juice box containers, plastic bags, wrappers, etc.) home with them for disposal.